$100 Ziegs Credit For You!

$100 Ziegs Credit For Your Friend!

  • Referrer directly reaches out to friend themselves or referrer either shares friend's family members's, neighbor's contact information with us and we will reach out to them

  • Friend must sign a service contract with us for the services of mowing, mulching, spring/fall cleanup, power washing, etc

  • Contract must be a minimum of $300...keep in mind, most landscaping jobs are over this price limit so most quotes will apply

    • Examples​

      • Mowing: $40/week for 25 weeks​

      • Mulching: 5 yards of mulch installation for $500

  • The credit will be discounted on the job for the friend and for the next job for the referrer

  • Ziegs has the right to turn down a referral job for whatever reason including if it is too small of a job, friend is requesting a service we do not directly provide, etc

  • Please contact Shaun Ziegler for questions about the referral program